Howdy. Name’s Joe Gamble… born in Pittsburgh, grew up in Colorado, live in Los Angeles. Been playing guitar for a living my entire adult life. I write music, I produce music, I engineer music, I do recording sessions, I back up other artists, I teach, I cook, I clean, I do windows and much, much more!

I get called “super versatile” a lot and I would definitely consider myself a jack of many trades… except for Country. Don’t call me for Country.

I do however greatly enjoy playing a wide variety of music with many inspiring musicians and artists- you can ask some of these guys who I’ve recorded and performed with: Abe Laboriel Jr. (Sting, Paul McCartney), Howard Levy (The Flecktones, Bobby McFerrin), Tim Pierce (Rick Springfield, Bon Jovi), Mel Brown (Gladys Knight, George Benson), Joe Bouchard (Blue Öyster Cult).

Recently I’ve been upping the release of my own guitar-centric music and I’m also excitedly playing in an L.A. band called BISONwar. Although there are some examples of my playing and music on this site, you can also find me all over the internet picking and strumming stuff… I’ve done gear demo work for Grosh Guitars, JEDAMP, Bogner Amplification, Fryette Amplification and more. I enthusiastically endorse Fryette Amps and Grosh Guitars– two of the absolute best in the game.

If I write anything more about myself things will start to get obnoxious so I’ll end it here… May the Force be with you!